It is now time to make school dinner choices for the remainder of the school year. Please click here. This time you will get a print out during the first week, so that you know what you have chosen for each week. If you have any problems or questions, please email hbassett@bramingham.net
For your information
Since parents evening we have received some wonderful 'WOW' moments.  
The children really enjoyed sharing their achievements with their friends. 
Wow notes can be written for things such as:  Being able to ride their bike for the first time, achieving rewards during extra curricular activities and even for doing something that was extra caring and helpful at home. 
Feel free to write the wow moment on any piece of paper and we will share it with the class. 
If you have any pictures you want to share along with the moment you can forward them to: eafolabi@bramingham.net
Teachers    Support Staff
Mrs E Afolabi Mrs T Dixon
Mrs L Brook Miss H Hunt
Mrs G Zajac Miss N Jones
  Miss A Khan
  Mrs R Kirby
  Mrs L Noble
  Miss C O'Connell
  Mrs L Smith
  Miss E Stack
  Miss S Webb
Our time in Squirrels.