Girls Netball – Tuesday Morning 8.15-9.15am

Year 6 girls have the opportunity to attend Netball club throughout the year, with Year 5 girls joining them in the Summer term. The club is run by Mrs Kelly with the assistance of Mrs Hales and Miss Gould. The girls learn the rules of the game, improve their fitness, develop their skills, whilst gaining an understanding of different game tactics and strategies. The girls participate in the winter and spring leagues, playing against other schools in Luton.  This half term have matches against Whitefield, Putteridge, Surrey Street and St Margaret's.  Our first game was played at home on Thursday 21st September against Whitefield Primary School and resulted in an impressive win for our Bramingham team.  Please feel free to come along and cheer our girls on at any of our home matches, they'd really appreciate it!
Match Reports
Bramingham v Whitefield - (H)
On Thursday 21st September, 7 girls from the club were selected to represent Bramingham in our first match of the year against Whitefield Primary.  It was a home match and even though it decided to rain, the girls were still raring to play.  
The opposition won the coin toss and chose to take the first centre pass.  Nervous but excited, the girls took their positions on court.  It was a thrilling first quarter with 3 amazing amazing goals from Naia.  The girls rotated into different positions for the next quarter, as dictated by the rules of Hi-Five Netball.  Whitefield fought back in the second quarter, scoring a goal, despite some fantastic defending from out girls. The pace was fast, but Bramingham didn't let up for a minute.  
After changing ends (and positions) at half time, the two teams were both intent of scoring some more goals.  It was a thrilling 6 minutes with 2 goals scored by Latia, taking the score to 5:1. Whitefield didn't lose heart though and really upped their game - defending beautifully and intercepting many of our passes.  The final quarter was extremely tense (and extremely wet!) but the girls continued to give their all.  The final goal of the game came from Precious - a moment of sweet victory after a few missed shots earlier. Seconds after she scored, the time was up and the final whistle blew.  
What an amazing first game! Mrs Kelly, Mrs, Hales, Miss Gould and Miss Stack are all extremely proud of all of the girls:  Poppy, Gracy-Mai, Latia, Precious, Naia, Janel and Vanisha.
Bramingham v Surrey Street (A)
Our first away match was a very tough one - Surrey Street were an exceptionally strong team and took an early lead, scoring 2 goals in the first quarter alone!  Our girls were quite surprised at their intense marking and well practised moves.  Unfortunately, the opposition had control of the ball for most of the match, despite some fantastic defending from our girls.  The goals came thick and fast but the Bramingham team kept positive and ran their socks off!  For most of them it was their first match as was a bit of a baptism of fire!  However, all of the girls felt that they had learnt a lot from the other team and are now ready to try out some of their tricks in our next match.  The score was a disappointing 10-0 to Surrey Street, but the league goes on and we will do our best to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and do our very best in our next match!
We are very proud of you all: Poppy, Vanisha, Emily, Mariam, Ella, Tianna and Courtney