School Council

Its cake sale day! 
Come along to the hall after school to buy some cakes! 
Raffle tickets for the wonderful cake below will also be on sale - only 50p per ticket!
Children in Need - Friday 17th November
Children in Need is fast approaching and School Council are busy preparing some exciting fundraising events.  We have already launched our 'round up the round pounds' appeal, and those stray coins are still coming in in dribs and drabs - who knows how many we will manage to round up altogether, and which class will round up the most?  All will be revealed on Children in Need Day - Friday 17th November!
A vote in classes gave us the theme of this year's dress-up day - We will be having a  Pajama Day!  Children (and staff) are encouraged to come to school in their pajamas for a suggested donation of £1.  Dressing gowns and slippers are also allowed, though everyone will need outdoor shoes for playtime and lunchtime.  
We will also be holding a Bake Sale in the hall, after school on Thursday 16th AND Friday 17th November.  Every penny raised will go the Children in Need appeal, so please get baking lots of tasty treats for us to sell!  Cake donations should be brought to the Orchard on the morning of Thursday 16th in order for us to set up and be ready to start selling as soon as the bell goes on Thursday afternoon.  
In the week running up to the big day (and during the cake sale), raffle tickets will also be on sale in the Office Foyer to win a special Pudsey Cake, baked by our very own star baker - Miss Gosling!  The cake will be displayed for all to see at the Bake Sale, and the winning ticket will be drawn at 4pm.  The cake will then be delivered to the lucky winner!  Good luck everyone!
This year has got off to a very exciting start with a frantic election period to find members for our new School Council.  Every child, from Year 1 upwards, was given the opportunity to stand. Candidates prepared speeches and delivered them (very bravely) to their classmates.  All of the teachers were hugely impressed by the effort the children had gone to, and the quality of their presentations.
Polling day dawned on Tuesday 12th September and all of the children were invited to come and cast their vote. They were given ballot papers to mark with a cross and post into our official ballot boxes. The children were all very excited and couldn't wait to find out the results.  Thankfully, with Mrs Kelly and Mrs Haughney acting as Polling Officers, the votes were counted and verified in time to be announced in Wednesday's assembly.
The atmosphere as the results were announced was electric!  There were drum rolls as each name was read out, and squeals of excitement from some of the younger children!  The newly-elected School Council Representatives were invited to the front of the hall to receive their certificates and badges. Many congratulations to:
Jasper (Swifts)
Zac (Robins)
Alexis (Foxes)
Savannah (Wrens)
Connor (Owls)
Noah (Rabbits)
Connor (Hedgehogs)
Ellie (Badgers)
Joshua (Magpies)
Sophie (Frogs)
Tianna (Doves)
Arnez (Doves)
Vanisha (Kestrels)
Zain (Kestrels)
Tianna was later elected Chair of the School Council, with Zain as her Vice.
Last year's School Council did a fantastic job, and I'm sure that this year's will too, providing a pupil voice in important decision-making in the school, and raising money both for charities and for resources to improve our school.