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Teacher: Miss P Sutton
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This week is 
Well done!
This week's Mangahigh Champion
New Maths Awards
These will be awarded weekly for effort, improvement and for having a positive attitude.
highest combined total for Mangahigh
a huge improvement in his arithmetic score
persevering and working and attaining well in recent tests
Week beginning 4.12
We will be looking at multiplying fractions by integers and fractions. We will also have assessments this week.
Week Beginning 27.11
We are continuing to look at adding fractions. We will move on to look at subtraction and multiplying a fraction by a whole number.
Week Beginning 20.11
We are looking at BIDMAS and then moving on to looking at fractions. We will start by simplifying, finding equivalent fractions and begin to look at adding.
Week Beginning 13.11
This week we will be looking at prime factors and the order of operations. We will also be revisiting factors, multiples and making links between different multiplication facts. 
Week beginning 30.10
We will be looking at dividing by 2 digits. We will also be looking at factors and multiples.
Week Beginning 16.10
We are looking at dividing by a single digit using the standard method this week. At the end of the week we will have a short assessment to see how much we have learnt this half term.
Week Beginning 9.10
We are continuing to look at long multiplication as this was new learning for some of us. We will also be using it to solve word problems.
Week Beginning 2.10
This week we are looking at multiplication. We are going to start with standard short multiplication and move on to long multiplication.
Week beginning 25.9
This week we are looking at addition and subtraction. We need to make sure that we understand the value of the digits so that we line up the values correctly.
Bobby has been out quite a few times.
Week beginning 18.9  we have been learning how to x by 20. We x by 2 then by 10 (x2x10 = x20). We are getting quite good at this.
Times Tables Challenge
We have been trying to master all of our times tables up to 12 x 12 (including the division facts).  Below are the children who have mastered their tables.  They have their certificate and their minion rubber. We are all very proud of them.