School Council

Aims This Year
To be the voice of the children of Bramingham Primary School.

Rules for School Council:


  • To remember meeting times
  • Tell the teacher about feedback and arrange a time to speak to the class
  • Collect ideas from your peers about issues that they would like us to discuss
  • To share your ideas confidently and clearly
  • To respect people and their opinions
  • If you are given a job make sure it is done
  • Remember your badges
  • Be prepared for a meeting: bring folders and pencils
  • Accept that your ideas may not be agreed
  • Encourage other people
  • Challenge opinions
  • Set a good example
 These rules incorporate our school values of Responsibility, Respect, Resilience and Friendship


Trip to Parliament
See our PowerPoint to find out about our trip to the Houses of Parliament.
Fund Raising Cake Raffle
We raised an amazing £523.00 in our raffle!
First prize: large chocolate cake - Jack in Rabbits.
6 second prizes: 4 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes - Sher in Wrens, Corey in Robins, Jude in Hedgehogs, Tegan in Frogs, Oliver in Wrens, Manha A in Foxes.
See the pictures below.
Project 1
The playground
On Wednesday 1st December Y6 reps met with Mrs Brook to collate the results of our Playground Consultation. The report is below and has been given to Mrs Wilson.  She is very grateful for our help.
To view the plans, look at the PowerPoint presentation.
Project 2
Fund Raising
We are planning to raise some money to put towards the playground refurbishment.  We have voted for some dressing up days.  Look out for further information.
Dressing up day Friday 11th Feb: non uniform for children and uniform for adults!
Thank you for your support - we raised £540 to go towards the playground.
2021/22 Council Representatives
School Council Reps
If you have any questions please contact Mrs Brook.  I am in school on Monday to Wednesday.  Or email me
Here you will find links to educational games suggested by your friends. Let us know what you think and if there are others you would like to add.