Celebrating learning across the curriculum

On this page, you will find examples of learning across the curriculum.
The children in Squirrels all went on an autumn walk.  As a class we discussed the changes in our environment during the autumn months. After our discussion the children went on their walk to look for fallen leaves, pinecones and any other signs of autumn.  During the walk the children enjoyed looking at different coloured leaves.  We even found some wild mushrooms on our playing field!
As part of their Science work on space, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre.
In Squirrels the children created a self portrait.  They looked carefully at their facial features and discussed the colour of their eyes, hair and skin. Firstly they painted the outline, adding the skin colour and hair. Once dried they added their facial features. The children really enjoyed seeing their work on display. 
Year 1 have been looking carefully at fruit. They have thought about how they can incorporate facial features, learned through their work on self portraits, with observational drawings of fruit. You can't help but smile at the humorous nature of their work!
Year 5 have been learning to use papier mache to create masks. They first came up for designs for an alien mask, before working out how to create their masks in 3D.
Year 2 have been creating their own islands. First they had to plan what they wanted on their island. They had to create a map and key for their island as a group. Using this map and key, they had to create a 3D island. They use cereal boxes, egg boxes and papier mache to create the structure. They then thought of ways to create trees, rivers, lakes, sand and buildings. They worked very hard and their islands were inspected by Mrs Flowers, to check they matched the maps. 
In Squirrels the children love DT.  The children have been very creative and have been given the freedom to use their imagination.  The children have a wide variety of construction materials to create their own structures and designs.  In Squirrels we use lots of recycled materials as well as construction toys like Lego and foam bricks.
Year 5 have been learning about the globe. We are able to identify the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the Equator and the Tropics. We discussed lines of latitude and longitude. We used atlases when identifying times in other countries.
Year 6 have been developing their map and atlas skills. They have been identifying towns, cities, countries and continents using a variety of maps and atlases. The children have also been learning how to use an index to find key locations and used 4-figure grid references to locate them on the map.
Year 2 are focused on map work at the moment. They have learned how to use a compass to find North and drawn correctly orientated compasses on the playground. Soon they will be creating their own maps and 3D islands. Pictures to be added soon.
Year 1 and 2 visited the church for a harvest celebration. They loved learning all about harvest with puppets and songs. They also got to try some bread. 
The Children in Squirrels have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and looking at rangoli patterns.  As a class we have spoken about the celebration of Diwali.  The children have enjoyed creating their own rangoli pattern using different coloured grains.  They have also been making their own Diya candle holders using spiced playdough. 
Today, February 6th, our youngest members of Bramingham (Squirrels) visited The Church of the Holy Cross, Marsh Farm, and learnt lots of things!  They were extremely well behaved and asked Father Richard lots of questions! They also went on a dinosaur hunt through the woods.  Sadly they never spotted any dinosaurs...until...they arrived back at school!  They were amazed!