Squirrels Class Page

Squirrels Showcase!
We would like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!
Please continue to read over Easter and make use of the Oxford Owl website.
We would also like to see you keep up with doodlemaths too.
Easter Activities
Have a go at some of the fun activities we found. We would love to see pictures!
Why not have a 3D shape hunt round your house and garden!
You could see how many 3D shapes you can find or ask an adult to hide some for you to seek!
 We celebrated science week. 
The theme this year is 'innovating for the future'. 
We are all brilliant inventors!  We enjoyed the book 'Race to the moon and back'.
We invented useful items we would take to the moon and enjoyed making some 'moon slime'.
We learnt about how helicopters fly then made our own paper clip ones.
We also blew bubbles then made paper aeroplanes and tested how far we could throw them!
Please see below all of the resources from the workshop on helping your squirrel learn.