Coronavirus Update: 28.3.20

Dear Parents,

Thank you all again for your understanding, words of thanks and support. 

Our aims remain the same, over the next few weeks, and possible months and are as follows:

  • To keep risk of spreading Covid19 to a minimum
  • To ensure children continue to learn and be motivated in their learning
  • To ensure lines of communication are as effective as possible

Please, if there is any way possible, continue to keep your children at home.  We currently are seeing 10 children on average.  We DO plan to provide Easter childcare for these children.  Please understand we cannot provide it unless it's critical you attend work.

I too am now currently self isolating but can currently continue with responding to emails and helping to sort any queries you may have.  Please remember we have our family workers who may be able to provide support to you during these worrying times. there are no plans to provide work over the Easter period, however there will still be the usual reading and Doodle.

I am enjoying seeing the amazing work that is being added to the website...Wow Badgers!  Your drawings are fantastic! Have now been carefully through every much excellent work!  

Take care and stay safe,

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Flowers


Fun for the few left in school!
Kyle learnt to play this with one hand today. Come back and see what he can do tomorrow!
Our amazing children painting rainbows on the playground today!
Who can make the tallest tower out of newspaper ?

Fundraising Event – Thursday 12th September 2019.

 On Thursday 12th September, Conor Garahee-Sugrue, Eleanor Griggs, Jamie Bryan, Miss Fitzgerald and Miss Shepherd walked 13 times around the running track on the school field to raise money for the Daisy Garland charity.


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