Mrs Kelly's Maths Groups Remote Learning

Welcome back to Lockdown Maths!
Year 4 Teams Meetings will be at 09:15am daily
Year 5 Teams Meetings will be at 10:00am daily
Year 3 Teams Meetings will be at 11:00am daily
Please make sure you log in promptly at the correct time and have your maths book and a pencil with you. Meetings will be recorded so that you can access them later if you cannot join the meeting live. Please let me know if you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a particular meeting.
You will be set an independent task to complete each day which must be submitted through Teams. Please ask for help if you are struggling to submit your work. There is a guide below which will help you.
We will have cameras on when we enter the meeting, but I will ask you to switch it off before I start recording. We will make use of the chat facility within meeting to give answers and scores to our Fluent in Five questions. If you have a question during the lesson, please use the 'raise hand' tool to let me know. When I ask you a question, don't forget to unmute yourself and then re-mute yourself afterwards.
In between meetings, I may post information on our Teams page.  You can also use this to ask questions relating to our meetings, but please remember that it is not for general chat.
For every piece of work you complete to a good standard, you will receive a virtual smiley!  Once we return to school, you will be able to exchange these virtual smileys for real ones so keep trying your best and see how many you can earn!  
I will also be awarding Smileys for Doodling: 
Doodling every day will earn you 3 smileys,
Doodling 5 or more times a weeks will earn you 2 smileys and
Doodling 3 times a week will earn you 1 smiley.
Smiley charts will be updated every Sunday night so you can see how you're doing
In Spring 1, the top smiley award in each group goes to:
Jack - Year 3 (36 smileys)
Savannah - Year 4 (43 smileys)
Monique - Year 5 (42 smileys)
I wonder if anyone can top those scores in Spring 2.
Useful Links
This week's Top Doodlers:
Year 3 - N/A
Year 4 - Savannah
Year 5 - Alexis
You each earn 3 extra smileys!
Well done to Y5 for achieving Gold for Doodle Tables this week!
Let's aim to earn a Doodle Maths award next week too.