National Skipping Day (24th April)

National Skipping Day Challenge
How many skips can you achieve in 2 minutes? If you do not have a skipping rope, count how many speedbounce jumps you can score over a pillow on the floor.
Good luck
I have made you try a few challenges including today's for the National Skipping Day. I borrowed a rope from school today and I admit I found it a lot harder than I thought I would. My best effort was 85 in 2 minutes. I will try again soon to improve my score. Keep it up everyone!
Maja is being fantastic at staying fit and healthy. Here she is giving today's national challenge a try. Well done
Congratulations to Sofia who looked great attempting the pillow jump challenge during the National Skipping Day. Well done
Looking very good with the skipping challenge Lily. A very good score of 51. Can you improve on it? Let me know
Bobby (doves) recorded a superb 117 skips in 2 minutes when attempting the National Skipping Day Challenge. Fantastic.
Harry (squirrels) scored a brilliant 48 jumps in 2 minutes attempting the speedbounce challenge. A great effor. Well done.
Robbie (magpies) achieved an outstanding 158 skips in 2 minutes. Superb skipping Robbie 
Caelan (squirrels) scored a very impressive 90 jumps in the speedbounce pillow challenge. Great jumping Caelan. Well done
Here is Luke's fantastic effort for the national skipping challenge. Superb work. Well done.
Kyle (kestrels) managed an excellent score of 132 speedbounce jumps in 2 minutes. Well done Kyle. Keep going
Jack (frogs) pulled off an amazing 177 pillow jumps in 2 minutes. Incredible. Well done
Ramani (hedgehogs) scored a superb 50 skips in 2 minutes. Can you challenge her?
James (rabbits) achieved an impressive 143 pillow jumps in 2 minutes. A superb score. Can you get even higher?
Chimpuruiche (kestrels) scored a fantastic 141 speedbounce jumps over a pillow.
Great fun