Rabbits' video updates

Evie, what a great idea to create a zip wire for your cuddly toys! This put a smile on everyone's face! Well done.
Faizan, we love how creatively you can spell out your name! Well done!
Wow!! Have a look at Ava performing "The Truth about Trolls". What fantastic actions you have created Ava! 
Watch Evie and her brother recite the poem 'Mrs Butler'. You are so brave for doing this Evie! We know you were nervous but what an excellent recital. We can't wait for more videos from you!
Take a look at Zac performing The Truth about Trolls! What a fantastic imitation of the text with amazing actions! Keep up the fantastic quality of work that you keep handing in. Good boy.
Catherine, it's lovely to see all the fantastic maths work you have completed. You are a superstar!
Amber, you are showing your impressive exercising abilities here! Well done, a great family workout.
Mehreen, your fruit salad looks delicious :)
Faizan and his sister Aiza say thank you to our NHS. It's so important to acknowledge all our key workers.
Faizan, your confidence just keeps growing and growing! We love this video of you performing The Truth about Trolls. You even dressed up as a troll! Brilliant, well done :)
Check out Zac's rather professional video on how to make a pizza. If only it was easy as clicking your fingers! Very well done Zac, I am truly impressed (and now hungry). Zac has asked you to head over to his YouTube channel (with permission of course) following the link below, where you can view his video there too!