Road Safety

Learning to stay safe on our busy roads is so important. We believe it is vital to teach our children how to be safe passengers, pedestrians and cyclists, and that they understand the potential risks and dangers when out and about.


What we do to promote Road Safety at Bramingham

  • Walk to school week – to encourage and promote sustainable travel in school.
  • We support National Road Safety Week (organised by BRAKE).
  • Remind children of road safety when going out of school (swimming, school trips etc.)
  • Junior Road Safety Officers are appointed in school. These children help to encourage all pupils to stay safe around school and promote road safety. 
  • We ensure that parents are familiar with safe parking places and remind all parents to consider local residents when parking outside of school.


To be safe on the road you need to use the Green Cross Code.
  1. Think
  2. Stop
  3. Look and listen
  4. Wait
  5. Look and listen again

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) have promised to work hard to promote road safety around our school. 

There is a notice board within the school where the JRSOs will display important road safety messages as well as work from different classes.


 As part of Road Safety Week we looked at different aspects of road safety.