Science Week

This year’s Science Week theme was ‘Innovating for the future’. During the week, the children were encouraged to think about some of the amazing life changing inventions that they knew of, how they are used in everyday life and what life might be like without them.  


Whole school competition

Anyone, no matter how young, can be an inventor!

KS1 and KS2 were asked to design a poster on A3 or A4.   

The Poster needed to link to the theme 'Innovating for the Future'.

Children could:

Draw their own invention and explain how it will change the world.

Research an innovator(s) and write about them.

Draw/write about some everyday innovations and how your life would be without them.


Fun Investigation

During the week, the children in KS1 and KS2 had fun investigating ‘crafty rafts’ and used their scientific skills and knowledge to help them.


Family Fun Quiz!

Please have a go at the fun quiz below - can your family guess what all of the 'zoomed in' photos are?  (It is not that easy!)

Answers are now below also!


During their first week back at school after Lockdown, the children continued to carry out some more exciting science experiments and had lots of fun with science! 


Science Competition
Each year group used their imaginations to come up with their own inventions and innovations. Look at some of their creative and fantastic ideas ...
Crafty Rafts
The children were asked to investigate which boat shape/size was the best at holding the most mass (objects) before sinking.  Different scientific skills, such as predicting and fair testing, were discussed and then the children used their results to form conclusions.  Have a look at what they did...
Science Week fun in Squirrels
Squirrels have been very busy!  The children in school started Science Week  by exploring objects - some that were familiar and some that were not. They thought about what they could be used for and what they might be called. They also looked at some famous scientists.
They read a great book about two inventors called Arthur and Albert and their space adventure.  Afterwards they thought of their own inventions linked to what they would take to space. What brilliant ideas they had, including Rachel's 'family chair' (so she could take her whole family to space) and Piper's 'Alien Eating Unicorn'!
Great fun was had making slime and this encouraged lots of lovely descriptive and scientific vocabulary.
They have also learnt about how helicopters fly and then made paper helicopters and paper aeroplanes.
Year 2 have had great fun doing lots of fantastic science experiments!
Designing a science lab-coat
We thought about 'What is science' and 'What science means to us'.  We then used this to help design a science lab-coat.
Year 3 Optical Art