PE and Sport Homepage

Tuesday 30th June is our sports day. This year we are working together and asking as many children and staff members to attempt speedbounce for one minute whilst counting their jumps. All scores will then be added together to give us a total. 
Please email your scores to I will then announce how many we have achieved as a whole school.
Can we hit 1000 jumps... 2000 jumps... or even more.
Come on Bramingham!
(see below for attempting speedbounce at home)
Whilst at home please select a workout or challenge from the sport pages available which will be updated regularly.
Email your best scores, pictures or even videos of your effort and we will try to add it to the website.
Keep fit and stay healthy. 
Mr. Wyatt
Sophie and her football team, Luton Celtic Youth, have competed against the boys in a virtual bicycle race to help raise money for charity.
They combined their distance to see who would win in a race from Luton to Celtic Park (Scotland). Sophie and the girls won.
They then decided that challenge was too easy and did a virtual challenge from Celtic Park to Lisbon (Portugal) Sophie and the girls won again!
The girls and boys of Luton Celtic Youth have collectively made a wonderful achievement. They started off aiming to raise £1000, but have surpassed that and raised over £6000
Sophie herself had cycled an unbelievable 46 miles in 6 days. Even though the event has finished, she has continued to cycle and travelled a further 2.6 miles in one evening.
Sophie...What an amazing achievement!
Please try Physical Bingo.
Why not have one for each family member and see who can complete it first or choose a different activity each day! Good luck.
Remember to mark off or write down the activities you complete as you do them.
Let me know how you get on.