Good Morning, 
I'm looking forward to speaking to more of you on Teams today. Don't forget to come on for Mrs Brooks phonics at 2:30 if you are in Miss Stack or Mrs Brook's groups.
Uploaded today:
- English 
- Maths 
- Phonics 
- The World Comprehension 
Have a good day
Miss Bassett
Good Morning and welcome to the penultimate week of the school year. Over the next two weeks, your teacher will spend a little time working with you, in order to gain an accurate view of the level you're working at. This is so we can give you Year 1 teachers a full handover. I know lots of you are eager to know who the Year 1 teachers will be. We don't know this yet, but will tell you as soon as we can. 
Uploaded today:
- English 
- Phonics 
- Computing
Have a good day! 
Miss Bassett
This space is reserved for showcasing your fantastic work at home. The Early Years Team love seeing all the things you have been up to so please keep sharing them with us! We are so proud of how well you are doing at home.
 In today's video, Dhavin pretends to be Farmer Duck!
We have lots of lovely photos and videos!
Home Learning
You will always find the weekly overview below and then the resources that have been released for a couple of days. 
Due to popular demand from 2 parents, I have put a link to my school folder on my computer again. Please click here to access past resources.
This is where you will find you most up to date English resources.
Today I would like you to look at the farm jobs Powerpoint. Add more jobs to your work from yesterday, if you like. Then I would like you to follow my screens to revise some key spellings and sentence structures. 
Please watch the first 16 minutes of this video and then draw a label pictures of things that happen on a farm. Click here.
Maths 7.6.20
This week we will be working with bigger numbers and doing some counting, grouping and sharing in 2s.

Here you will always find the most up to date phonics sessions. Please make sure you do the work for the group your child is in for phonics. 
The World and computing
Today you have a comprehension. Read it with an adult and try answering the questions. There are different levels of difficulty to choose from.
You'll need the login from your yellow book. Go to Busy Things using this link. Choose KS1 > Year 1 setup > Computing > Early code> Helicopter Rescue. 
The aim of the game is to control the helicopter. You need to get the cows in the correctly coloured baths and the monsters in the pens. 

You have been enjoying Cosmic Yoga recently so try one of my favourites this week – Squish the Fish!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhYtcadR9nw

This week have a scavenger hunt.  You can use the  Summer one I have added to the website or create your own!