Supporting your child at home with science

Your child may have questions and concerns about the Coronavirus situation.  Here are some child-friendly resources to help explain some of the science behind this virus and provide some helpful activities.
The Power Point below provides lots of practical ideas that you can have a go at with your child.  Each activity also discusses the science behind each experiment.
Below are some questions that you could discuss with your child to support the objectives covered in science.  Please go to your child's year group and you can then find the topics and questions that are relevant to your child.
BBC Bitesize is a fantastic resource that is available free of charge at  
Here you can find videos and information to support learning across the whole science curriculum for all Key Stages.  (There are also many resources available for other subjects.)
This is informative, interactive and includes games to help children understand scientific topics.
30 Day Lego Building Challenge
If you have lego at home, why not take part in a 30 day Lego building challenge?
This is a great way to develop STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) skills!  Each day poses a new challenge.  How will you plan?  What shapes will be best?  How will you make your structure stable?  
Some fun activities to try with ice!