Tag Rugby

If you are interested in playing Tag Rugby please see the below flier from Stockwood Park Rugby Club.
Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby - October 2017

A team of eight Year 6s ventured to Luton Rugby Club on Thursday 12th October to take part in this year’s Tag Rugby Tournament. The whole team were excellent in both forward and defensive play creating exciting matches and giving every player the chance to score. A brilliant team.
Match 1: Bramingham 3-1 Farley
A nervous start for the team gave Farley an early lead in the game. However, fantastic defensive play from Courtney and Mason allowed the team to regain possession to score 3 tries and win the match.
Tries: Charlie 2, Scott 1
Match 2: Bramingham 4-1 St Matthews
A superb and confident display from every player gave the team an impressive win against a very competitive team. Excellent attacking runs from Poppy and Scott earned Bramingham 3 more points.
Tries: Charlie 2, Harry 1, Mason 1
Match 3: Bramingham 4-5 Putteridge
An end to end rugby match between two excellent teams provided one of the most exciting games of the day. Both teams were superb in their passing, positioning and tagging with Arnez claiming a hat-trick of tries in the game. Our boys and girls ended the game disappointed but proud to produce such an excellent match.
Tries: Arnez 3, Charlie 1
Match 4: Bramingham 1-2 Warden Hill
After such a brilliant game against Putteridge, the next fixture was quite a scrappy and defensive match with both teams hesitant on the attack. An excellent solo effort from Harry was not enough to get the result the team wanted.
Tries: Harry 1
Match 5: Bramingham 6-1 Ferrars
Bramingham were simply superb in their last game before lunch. Wonderful passing from Charlie set up brilliant tries for both Courtney and Poppy. Teachers from other schools commented on the skill and play of the team during this match which gave Bramingham their biggest win of the day.
Tries: Arnez 2, Charlie 2, Courtney 1, Poppy 1
Match 6: Bramingham 3-2 Surrey Street
After lunch everyone was excited to keep playing, score tries and win points. Amazing defending from Courtney kept Surrey Street from scoring and allowed Harry to pass the ball brilliantly to Tristin who showed great strength to score against a solid team. Further tries from Arnez and Poppy gave Bramingham a narrow and deserved win.
Tries: Arnez 1, Poppy 1, Tristin 1
Match 7: Bramingham 1-3 Pirton Hill
A fast paced match with lots of defending from both teams created a frantic game against Pirton Hill. Brave attacking from Arnez, Scott and Tristin could not get the team the result they wanted.
Tries: Arnez 1
Match 8: Bramingham 3-2 Pirton Hill
A second match against Pirton Hill meant the whole team was determined to get 3 points. Excellent performances from every boy and girl produced an exciting and rewarding win. Amazing passes from Poppy and Tristin allowed both Charlie and Harry to score tries. The result would not have been possible without the brave defending, once again, from Courtney, Mason and Scott.
Tries: Harry 2, Charlie 1
A fantastic day had by all and, for the first time in Bramingham's history, everyone in the team scored a try during the tournament. This shows how excellent the level of teamwork was throughout the day and is a credit to the children who represented Bramingham this year.