Year 4 Remote Learning

Welcome to Year 4's Remote Learning Webpage

Welcome back to you all!

Welcome back to our Year 4 remote learning page. We hope that you all had a well-deserved break. We are so proud to see that so many of you have accessed Teams meetings and submitted your work online. Keep up the good work! We've got this!

Just a reminder that this page will include information about what we are learning, useful resources, as well as updates about any changes that may take place over the next few weeks. 

Your English and Maths lessons, along with your main activities, will be set on Microsoft Teams. We will schedule the meeting around 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. You can look out for this on the Year 4 Teams tab. 

You will also have a lesson in the afternoon. Please look at the schedule below to find the times and rough timetable of lessons.

We know that this is a strange time for us all, but we will do what we do best and work together to help each other get through!

IMPORTANT - 21.02.21
Your adult should have received a text message with a username and password for your computing lesson on Thursday.
Please ensure that you have this ready to use. If you have any problems with this, please contact your class teacher. 
Our current English text is a Defeat the Monster story, with a focus on action!

Fight for Freedom

       Claudius squared his shoulders and took a deep breath. Above him, the shouts and cries of the crowd filtered through the wooden slats to his subterranean prison. Soon, it would be time to fight. Fight for his life and his freedom.

       Suddenly, a rumbling sensation beneath his feet began. The rickety platform he stood on began to rise steadily until the midday sun hit him hard in the face.  Fuelled by the sounds of the crowd and determination, the armoured gladiator stepped forward and unsheathed his sword. What would he have to defeat? An almighty roar answered his question. It was a fearsome lion with teeth like daggers. Claudius gulped.

       The creature circled him, creeping closer and closer. It growled. Claudius tensed. Without warning, the lion pounced towards him, swiped his arm with razor claws and pinned him to the floor. All the wind in Claudius had been knocked out and he gulped like a fish out of water. Grasping his blade tighter, the gladiator knew he had to fight back.

       Claudius raised his arm as far as it would go, thrust the sword forward with all his might and stabbed the lion in the neck. It snarled and reeled backwards, staggering away and falling into the dust. Bleeding, the lion sighed one last, deep breath and then fell still.

       Ecstatic, the crowd went wild! Claudius had defeated the dangerous creature and escaped with his life. Chanting, the spectators demanded his freedom and the emperor nodded in agreement. Claudius the slave was now a free man.  

Towards the end of Year 4, there is a statutory Times Tables Test. This test will include all times tables up to 12 x 12 and is completed online. You will have lots of time to practise your times tables at school, but it is very important you practise at home too! Here are some great websites you can use to practise. (The Twinkl Go page is very similar to style of the statutory government test.)
The Twinkl Go PIN code is: SB5416
Your project this week, will be to focus on Claude Monet’s art.  You will be focussing on his ‘Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge’ picture.  

We would like you to recreate this picture using resources that you have available at home.

Please see the PowerPoint below for more information and examples of what you could do.


Key Worker Children (In School)
You will need to come to school in your PE kit on the days stated below. 







Remote Learning (Children at home)
It is still so important to stay active, whilst you are at home. Here are some links to some useful videos that will help to keep your body and mind active!
Our current value is:
Homework Type Given Due Back
Maths Tuesday Monday
Spelling Thursday Tuesday
Brain Builder Friday (Not every week) Monday (Not every week)
Doodle Maths - 3 times a week
Star Reader Challenge 3 times a week Monday
Badger of the Week  
Fab Writer  
Top Doodler  
Values Role Model