Year 5 Remote Learning

Hello everyone!
To our wonderful children - thank you for your hard work and commitment over these tricky weeks of home learning.  To our parents - thank you for your support.  We couldn't have done it without you!
Children: Remember that lessons are at 9, 10 and 1:15 every day.  Please attend each session and submit your work promptly.  Let us know if you can't attend a session or if you need help!  You can @ in the Teams chat or send an email.
Please also look out for 1:1 reading meetings in your Teams calendar.
Do remember to Doodle - well done to those who are Doodling 3 or more times a week! :)
Our current value is 'peace'.  What does that mean to you?  
peace (noun)
1. freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.
"He just wanted to read in peace."
2. a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.
"The conflicts were over and the neighbouring countries were in a time of peace."
tranquillity, calm, calmness, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quiet, quietness, harmony.
People also talk about 'inner peace'.  What do you think this means?
Is It Fair?
Our new topic is 'Is It Fair?'.  We will be exploring themes around fairness and justice.  As part of this, we will be studying the Fairtrade Movement.  Find out more by visiting the website, using the link below.
Things you should be working on in Year 5:

-Numbers (1-100).




-Classroom objects.

-Body parts.

-Basic conversation.


Our new learning is all about hobbies!

Below are some resources to help you!  Bonne Chance!


To understand that music can be a vehicle for self expression


As we discussed, music can help us to express thoughts and feelings.  Have a go at using the online piano in the link below.  Can you play or compose a simple melody?  Notice the change in tone when you play flat notes (ones with a b next to them!)




PE with Joe
From the 11th January, Joe Wicks will be starting 'PE with Joe'. This will be on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Click here to take you to his Youtube channel where you will find all the lessons as well as lots of other fun workouts! 


Did you know yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing and can boost your physical and mental wellbeing?

Try out this video which will be a fun way to start the day while getting some physical exercise in!

Once you have tried out that video, you can always click here and find lots more videos from Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Below you will find a PowerPoint which outlines lots of different yoga poses as well as their benefits and how to do them. Why not create and record your own routine of 5 different poses with smooth transitions? We would love to see them and they may even end up on the webpage (if the video is not too long) for others to try!


PLEASE NOTE: PE in school will be on Wednesdays and Fridays.  

**  Recognising Effort and Achievement  **

Wonderful Writer
(in school)

Wonderful Writer
(at home)

Super Scientist





Miss Gillingham’s group

Miss Fitzgerald’s group

Mrs Kelly’s group




Top Doodler





Nearpod is an online platform which allows us to connect from wherever we are. We will occasionally use this platform to host lessons and you will be able to join us online by typing in a code. 
The code will be put in the Year 5 chat 15 minutes before the lesson is due to start so you are all able to join in time. 
For example, our afternoon lesson starts at 1:15 so the code will be available from 1:00. 
You will be able to join once the lesson has started if you are running late; however, you may miss some key learning so try to be on time. 
If you are unable to attend...
The lesson will be made available for those children who were unable to attend once the live lesson has finished. This will be done by sharing a new code in the chat. The live lesson’s code will not work if accessing the lesson independently.
If you are working on a computer, you can access the website here. 
If you are working on a phone or tablet, you can use the link above although it may be easier to download the app. You can find the application in your app store by searching Nearpod
Check out the document below which shows a step by step guide on how to access Nearpod