Your ways of Keeping Fit and Healthy

Luquel showing an amazing range of superb skills and ability. You have worked incredibly hard and I am very impressed with your exercises. Keep it up!
Here is Madison with a magnificent run outside to keep fit. Good distance and time too Madison. Well done
Luke showing another good use of a trampoline! A brilliant exercise.
A great idea and superb skill from Milan. Another reason I wish I had a trampoline again. Can anyone else achieve this?
Luke has come up with a brilliant game to use at home during his daily exercises. Lets do this!
Here is Ayisha showing her amazing talent and core strength whilst performing on her blocks. I am so impressed at your ability. Wow. A round of applause for Ayisha
Maja and Filip showing great control skating at home. What superb improvement you have made. Brilliant work both of you. I am so impressed
A seriously good gym workout by Fred and Evie. Can you give it a go?
It might be raining outside but that has not stopped Luke from making an obstacle course indoors to keep him active. Brilliant idea
Luke. You are an absolute star! You have not only taken part in many challenges I have set, you have even made a game for you and everyone else to try. It is fantastic!
Try out Luke's game yourself
I used to love playing swingball. Hours and hours of fun! Good choice Faye and Helena
A simple activity but a serious workout. Keep it up Luke
Another great obstacle course! This time created by Faye (rabbits) and her older sister Helena. I really enjoy the chance to catch the first person too. Well done girls
Brilliant knee drops on the trampoline from Luke. Great use of a trampoline
A perfect video to show why we should never give up. Well done...and to finish with a scorpion kick in off the bar...take a bow Dylan.
Well done Evie. A lot of energy being used for this dance routine. Good work!!
Amber and Aaron with some serious exercises. Good use of the sofa for this workout.  Great work
Adeel has a great left foot. Well done
What a brilliant obstacle course made by Aurora, who completed this more than 10 times. This will keep anyone busy. Can you create one just as good?
What a brilliant football routine to staying fit in the garden. It is incredible you also hit the green skittle in the goal. Keep up the good work.
I would give a 10/10 if you were wearing an Everton shirt. Only joking...Superb Kade!!
Martin Tyler should be worried too...great commentary. Well done all round
Great skill, control and finish. Keep up the good work each day. Well done Ilyas!
What skill from Dylan! I am very impressed with the ability you have shown here. Keep up everything you are doing to stay fit and healthy.
You have even challenged me to a football skill...20 keepy ups...Keep an eye out for my effort.
Thank you for your video... and the challenge Dylan.
Fantastic speed attempting your own obstacle course. Well done Kaisan
Good support too!
Competition for Kaisan from his sister Amelia! Who can complete it in the quickest time? Keep it up both of you.
What a great routine Hansini. Keep it up!