Key Information
PE - We have PE on Wednesdays (Outdoor) if not Swimming and Thursdays (Indoor). Please ensure that your child comes into school in their PE kits on these days.
Library - Every Friday. 
Spellings - Given out every Thursday and due back the following Wednesday. Your child needs to practise each word three times (on different days is best). Each week, there will also be a DoodleSpell added extra. Your child needs to complete 3 practices and then the test for the added extra to be complete. They can earn 5EP for ‘DoodleSpelling’ and another 5EP if they score 100% in their weekly dictation. 
Maths (Mrs Haughney's group) - = Given out every Wednesday and due back the following Monday.
Reading - We encourage children to read at least 3 times a week. They can also earn a Star Reader Award and 5 EP. Reading Records will be checked on Mondays. 
Brain Builder - Once a half term, your child will receive a Brain Builder. This will need to be completed by the date in the Brain Builder and will be linked to work completed in class. 
Doodle - Encourage your child to play DoodleMaths, DoodleTables and DoodleSpell three times per week. That’s a potential 15 EP to be earned each week! Their play in school (Friday Board Work) counts towards this. DoodleClub is on a Wednesday lunchtime for Year 4. 
Towards the end of Year 4, there is an online statutory Times Tables Test, covering all tables up to 12 x 12. Click on the TwinklGo link below and enter the code CK3468 to play. If you improve your score, make sure you let your maths teacher know!
Mrs M Haughney

Class Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)


Miss C Fitzgerald

Teacher (Thursday and Friday)

Class Awards
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Values Role Model - 
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Top Doodler - 
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In PSCHE, we have been thinking about online safety and the impact of people's actions.
Can you play Band Runner and answer the E-Safety questions correctly?
Your child has been tested on their Common Exception Words and has brought home a CEWs card. Please help them to practise these words. Your child needs to be able to read, understand, spell and apply these words before being able to move onto the next list. CEW tests are half-termly and updated cards are sent home at the beginning of each half term.