'Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.' 
Music at Bramingham Primary School:
Music places an important role in our curriculum and in extra-curricular activities at Bramingham Primary School.  Opportunities for music at our school include:
  • Stimulating music lessons for children Year R to Year 6
  • Enriching whole class music for Year 3, provided by Luton Music Hub, where children learn to play the violin and ukele
  • Optional individual and small group instrument sessions provided by peripatetic music teachers
  • Our Key Stage 1 and 2 Choir 
  • Participation in local and national events such as Luton's Singing Spectacular and Young Voices' largest child choir
  • Showcasing musical talents in our assemblies and other school events, giving our children the opportunity to perform to wider audiences
  • Opportunities for each year group to perform what they have learnt in music to a wider audience
Our Curriculum:

It is an expectation that music appears regularly in the weekly timetable.  It is usually taught once per week as a discrete subject.  Additional music sessions may feature, for example listening to music at the end of the day or within other lessons.  Extra time may be given to music during periods of rehearsal for class assemblies, Nativities and productions. We are currently using Charanga. to support our music curriculum.  


Charanga is a week-by-week scheme of work for the whole school.  It assists teachers in developing musicality by delivering the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.  It is used and promoted by specialist music teachers within the Luton Music Hub.

English National Opera:

In September 2022, Years 5 & 6 registered for the English National Opera's 'Finish this...' project. 'Finish this' involves the children becoming ENO composers, who are tasked with a mission to respond to and resolve a purposefully unfinished operatic piece titled, 'Blue, Red, Yellow.....'

This is a creative catalyst for children to embrace their imaginations and experiment to create new colour worlds and stories, all through the lens of opera.