Mrs Kelly's Maths groups


Year 3, 4 & 5 Maths Teacher

Summer 2 2024
Remember that everyone is expected to complete both Doodle Maths and Doodle Times Table at least 3 times per week, but if you can get into the habit of doing it every day, you'll really see your hard work pay off.  You will receive 3 Epraise points for achieving this on DoodleMaths and 3 points for achieving it on Doodle Tables.  Remember that you must be in the green zone for DoodleMaths when I do my Doodle check on a Sunday evening!  I'm really hoping to see us getting some Doodle awards every week!
Maths homework is set on a Friday each week and must be handed in during your lesson on the following Wednesday. If you have any questions about the homework, please see me before Wednesday.
Class Doodle Awards
Well done to Y3 for achieving the Bronze award for DoodleMaths and the Silver award for Doodle Tables! 
Well done also to Y4 for achieving the Gold award for Doodle Tables!
This week's individual award winners 
Top Doodler Mathemagician
Y3 - Thomas
Y3 - Ruby S 
 Y4 - Megan 
Y4 - Ellie
Y5 - Amirah Y5 - Junior

You will each receive 10 Epraise points!
The following children know ALL of their times tables facts!
Y3 - Szymon, Ruby S, Ruby G, Thomas, Shay, Sebastian & Deena
Y4 - Aishani, Safaa, Isabelle, Dhavin, Megan, Lara, Bethany, Uzair, Emilian and Laith
Y5 - Lois, Junior, Shakarullah, Hiba, Mahreen, Abdul, Renae, Adeel, Dhruv, Dion, Stefan, Amelia, Theodora & Chloe
Great work! 
The following children know ALL of their division facts too!
Y5 - Adeel, Chloe, Theodora, Amelia & Dhruv
Y4 - Aishani & Laith
Y3 - Sebastian & Deena
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