Questioning at Bramingham



‘Asking the right question, at the right time’ 


At Bramingham we feel passionately about our children sitting firmly in the driving sit of their learning. To do this we know the importance of all our children developing their ability to ask the right questions at the right time. The skill of asking questions is essential in allowing people to think critically, feel greater power and self-efficacy, and become more confident and ready to participate in the demands of everyday life. As such, at Bramingham we not only actively encourage our children to ask questions but openly reward them for doing so through our online rewards system, epraise 


Our questioning approach is reflected in every classroom through our washing lines and our questioning boards. These boards reflect one key current question from all areas of our curriculum asked by the children. As the class discover the answers to their questions, new questions are then formulated together so the learning cycle is constantly evolving at the same time as the children’s curiosity and thirst for new knowledge.  


Just as we are continually striving for the children to ask more, carefully considered questions, we are also demanding the same from our staff. We use the Harvard Question Formulation Technique when introducing new topics, or to consolidate learning etc. In addition to this staff are using five strategies to support their delivering of questions and get them to think specifically about, who, what, when, why and how they deliver those questions. Please find those strategies below: