School Code of Conduct


The Governors at Bramingham Primary School expect all staff, parents and visitors to be civil and respectful towards those with whom they have dealings, whether in giving advice, or seeking guidance.  In particular, the governing body would wish all those on the premises to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to discuss matters relating to either education or the school with understanding, tolerance and confidentiality when appropriate.

It is expected that anyone who has a concern about, or grievance with another person, in connection with the educational activities of the school, refer the matter in the first instance to the Headteachers.  If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant then a further referral may be made to the Chair of Governors who will carry out an investigation to ensure the correct process has been followed.

The governing body does not accept that anyone has the right to show threatening or disrespectful behaviour to another person.  Persons who are found to be unable or unwilling to comply with the standards of proper conduct as set out above will be subject either to disciplinary action or will be required to leave the premises.  The school, with the full consent of the governors, will not hesitate to involve the police should anyone undertake an action that is considered to be of a criminal nature.


Chair of Governors