“History gives answers only to those who know how to ask questions.”
Hajo Holborn


At Bramingham, we believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to ignite their curiosity about the past and understand how this has influenced the present. The children will use historical sources to gain an insight about how people around the world used to live and how this is open to interpretation. Using their skills, knowledge and understanding of the past, they will make meaningful links between different times.


The National Curriculum for history is taught progressively at Bramingham. Throughout the children’s 7 journey, they will build upon their understanding of British history, and that of the wider world. Through high quality teaching and learning, children will be able to make links between the history they are taught about, by revisiting prior knowledge and building upon this. The children are also able to further their historical skills, knowledge and understanding through a plethora of enrichment activities.


We aim for our children to form a coherent chronological narrative about significant aspects of British history, as well as history of the wider world and be able to create their own narrative about historical events. By the end of their time at Bramingham, all children should be able to ask, and start to answer, historically valid questions and have an understanding of historical vocabulary, including abstract terms. Additionally, we also aim for children to see their history and heritage represented across our curriculum by providing an accurate representation of the past.