Decisions for June 1st Onwards


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience.  Our senior leadership team have met today to ensure our decisions were in keeping with our original aims. 

We believe we ARE ready to open for Early Years' parents who have confirmed they will want their child to return from June 1st.  There will be 3 Bubbles.  This decision has only been confirmed this morning so 2 Bubbles will be starting Monday, the 3rd Bubble will be starting Tuesday.  Miss Bassett will be in touch and let you know which Bubble your child will be in, and who their Key Adults will be.  She knows all the children so please trust her in her creation of each Bubble.

We will continue to be open for Key Workers’ children.  The Bubbles created for the Key Workers’ children will initially be in a Bubble of Year 1 children, a Year 2 Bubble, a Year 3 Bubble, a Years 4 & 5 Bubble and a Year 6 Bubble.

For those of you undecided we can report back to you how things are progressing. 

We have ensured we have followed union advice, but more importantly, we are making sure, as far as is possible, that there is parity of learning for your children, whether you choose to keep your child at home, or whether you choose to send them in (Early Years, Yr 1 and Yr 6, and Key Workers’ children). 

It will be important for your child to access the learning and if you are having difficulties making this happen please email the class teachers, or Miss Sutton, or myself.  If your child has additional needs then you can also email Mrs Bains.

Please don’t hesitate to email me any questions you might have. 

Also please note that this is an ever changing situation and if measures can be improved they will be, and if we can begin to organise breakfast and after school clubs we will also do so.

Thank you again for all your support,

Sharon Flowers



  • If you have a child in Years 1 to 5 please remember to send back their report comment form
  • If you have a child in Early Years, Year 1 or Year 6, please respond ASAP to the online form regarding return from June 1st
VE day party time for the few left in school!
 The 'toast' by the children at 3pm.  At their party tables!
Our amazing children painting rainbows on the playground!
 Photos of our Key Worker children celebrating VE Day.
Who can make the tallest tower out of newspaper and Henna Painting!
The children played lots of games during their VE Day celebrations!

 Many thanks to Mr Essam, Mr Wyatt and Mr Essam's future son-in-law for saving the school £1800 by taking down the condemned apparatus.  


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