Samriti took part in the Cambourne Science festival over the weekend.  
She constructed a spaghetti tower of 130cm and a truss bridge which could carry a load of 3kg!
Take a look below at her power point explaining her project and watch her you tube video.  Samriti, you are a great presenter!  
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It is lovely to see what you are all getting up to!  Keep sending me your pictures!
Please scroll down the page for Mrs Robertson-Browne's maths and spelling groups.

Badgers Class Teacher:

Mrs K Robertson-Browne  


Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020
 This week, our English TEAMS lessons will be at 10.35 am  EVERY day. 
You will be able to find your work in the Badgers Team under assignments.  Please note that work may not be available until after the lesson.
Mrs Robertson-Browne's Maths Class
Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020
This week you will have a maths lesson at 9:30am EVERY morning on Teams.
Your work can be found in your Maths Team under assignments.
Please note that work may not be available until after the lesson.

Message for Badgers from Mrs Qadeer

B- Badgers class are all so kind and caring and always looking out for each other.

A-Amazingly smart and funny 

D- Delightful class to be in- almost all the time! 

G- Going forward and always trying their best 

E-Everyone is so unique in their special way 

R- Ready to help one another and building lovely friendships together 

S- Super cool and the best class ever! With the best teacher too!  

Dear Badgers, 

I wanted to let you all know how much I miss you all. I hope you are keeping busy and having fun as well as doing your schoolwork. I know it’s different times but we will meet each other very soon.

Keep being positive and carrying on doing lots of new activities!

I have been looking at the school website and can see lots of children baking, playing, working and exercising. Keep it up

Hope you all helping around the house too!!

Lots of love

From Mrs Qadeer


Doodler of the Week 06.07.20
Kai - Fantastic doodling this week on both DoodleMaths and DoodleTables!!!  
I am keeping a list of my Top Doodlers of the Week and you will be awarded with a prize when we return to school.  
Green and Yellow Spelling Groups - Monday 6th July 2020
All of your spelling words can be found in your Spelling Group Team.  They have also been added on DoodleSpell.
Please hand your spelling homework in by Sunday on TEAMS.  Details of your homework can be found on your TEAMS page.
BBC Bitesize are now releasing lots of
fantastic resources and ideas.
There will be a new programme available every day.
  This will cover different subjects each day. 
You do not need to do any activities with this at the
moment, just sit back and enjoy! 
It is only about 20 minutes.
I have been watching these each morning with
my daughter who is also in Year 4.  
Remember that if you like any of the ideas in
the programme, if you go to 
you can access lots more resources and games.