Mrs S Bavington

Autumn 2 - Ancient Egypt


To start our topic this half term, Year 4 were lucky enough to go to The British Museum to learn all about Ancient Egypt. First, we went into a room with lots of sculptures from the Egyptian times. Next, we went into the Ancient Egypt rooms, where we got to see real mummies and sarcophagus'! This was a brilliant day and we can't wait to learn more about it in our topic and English lessons. Have a look at the pictures below.

In RE this half term, we are looking at the deeper meaning of religious festivals. We are very lucky because Mrs Ghandi (one of our lunchtime supervisors), Mrs Kumar (teaching assistant) and Badgers' very own Soumya all celebrate Diwali and were happy to speak to the year group about this festival. We found out why Diwali is celebrated, what Hindus might use/do to celebrate this and we even got to see some special clothing Hindus might wear. See the pictures below!

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on instructions, so Mrs B made a shaduf (an Ancient Egyptian invention which was used to get water from The Nile.) We noted down the key information of how to make a shaduf, ready to write the instructions. See the pictures of our shaduf below. (We gave it a 2019 twist!)

Autumn 1 - Where Does It Come From?
This half term, our topic focus is all about chocolate! We have been lucky enough to have a visit from Craig who works at The Chocolate Museum in London. We found out lots about the history of chocolate and how it was invented. We were also lucky enough to try lots of different chocolate with different flavours. Below are some pictures of our wonderful experience. First, we got to try cocoa nibs and smell cocoa butter. Then we tried chocolate from Belgium, Venezuela and even Madagascar! There was a chilli and orange chocolate (which not many children liked) and a ginger and lime chocolate. We also tried dark, milk and white chocolate. Did you know white chocolate actually isn't chocolate at all, as it doesn't contain any cocoa nibs! Instead it's made from the cocoa butter and often flavoured with vanilla too. 

In art and DT this half term, Badgers have been working hard to design, make and package their own chocolate bars! They first decided on the ingredients they would like. Then, they made their chocolate bars. Finally, they looked at packaging of other chocolate bars and created their own packaging.  As you can see, we were really happy with the final result!

In computing, we have been focusing on animations. We used an app called Zu3D, which allowed us to take multiple pictures to create a moving animation. We had to draw our backgrounds, mould our figures out of plasticine, take the pictures and add in any text we wanted to include. Here are a selection of our animation movies. We hope you like them!

Indoor PE - Wednesday
Outdoor PE - Thursday
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