Welcome to Badgers' Webpage

Welcome to our Badgers page. 

Just a reminder that this page will include information about what we are learning, useful resources, as well as updates about any changes that may take place over the next few weeks.  

Our current English text is a Newspaper Report.


Towards the end of Year 4, there is a statutory Times Tables Test. This test will include all times tables up to 12 x 12 and is completed online. You will have lots of time to practise your times tables at school, but it is very important you practise at home too! Here are some great websites you can use to practise. (The Twinkl Go page is very similar to style of the statutory government test.)
The Twinkl Go PIN code is: SB7954
In science, we're learning about rocks.  Can you learn the song we looked at in class about the 3 different types of rocks?
You will need to come to school in your PE kit on the days stated below. 







Some useful links: 
Our current value is:
Homework Type Given Due Back
Maths Tuesday Monday
Spelling (including DoodleSpell) Thursday Tuesday
Brain Builder Friday (Not every week) Monday (Not every week)
Doodle Maths - 3 times a week
Star Reader Challenge 3 times a week Monday
Comprehension                                   Friday (latest)                            Monday
Badger of the Week  Skye!
Fab Writer Emilie! 
Mathemagician  Faizan!
Top Doodler  Zane!
Values Role Model David!