Welcome to Badgers' Class Page
Welcome back to you all!
We hope that you had a great and well deserved summer break and we can't wait to meet you all.
Welcome to our Badger class page. This is where you will find all things "Badger". This page will include information about what we are learning and useful resources, as well as other important information, including the winner of our class awards.
In computing, we have been focusing on stop motion animations. Here are some of the videos we made:
Our new text is a journey story.

Poppy and the beetle.

Poppy had always been curious. One drizzly morning, she was meandering down Horus Road when she saw something unusual. Scuttling towards her was a beetle, but this was no ordinary beetle. Its glittering wings flickered in the light, greens and blues shimmered like a dazzling gemstone. Curiously, she reached out and touched the beetle. She felt a hot, stabbing pain and withdrew her hand as if she had been stung.

A moment later, she was standing at the edge of a desert. Huge, sand-coloured pyramids jutted upwards, white birds circled above and a vast river oozed by. Poppy gasped. She knew exactly where she was. Had she travelled through time? Without thinking, Poppy dashed towards a door set into the closest pyramid. Inside, it was cool and as she ran down a passageway, torches burned to light the way ahead. Flames flickered casting ominous shadows around her, revealing golden, gleaming treasure.

Poppy picked up one of the torches to get a closer look. As she stepped forward, the light shone on a magnificent, sparkling box. Not a box, a coffin! A tingling, suspicious feeling ran down her spine. Although her senses were telling her not to, her shaking hand reached out and her fingers lightly brushed across the delicately carved coffin. Instantly, an ear splitting crack echoed through the room and the coffin’s lid sprung open, revealing the horror inside. A cloth clad mummy rose from within the depths, reaching out a bony hand…

        Frantically, she turned on her heel and ran as fast as she could. However, she didn’t notice the beautiful amulets scattered across the floor which sent her flying onto the cold, hard ground. Trembling with fear, Poppy glanced back at the horrifying mummy striding towards her. Would she ever escape? At that moment, something itched against her leg. A beetle. Poppy recognised the greens and blues glimmering in the torchlight. She reached down, touched the beetle and once again felt a hot, sharp stabbing pain and there she was, back on Horus Road.

What you should know:
I know that 10 tens are equivalent to 1 hundred, and that 100 is 10 times the size of 10
What we are going to learn:
To understand that 10 hundreds are equivalent to 1 thousand, and that 1,000 is 10 times the size of 100; apply this to identify and work out how many 100s there are in other four-digit multiples of 100. 
So that we will be able to:
Solve multiplication problems that that involve a scaling structure, such as ‘10 times as long’.
Towards the end of Year 4, there is a statutory Times Tables Test. This test will include all times tables up to 12 x 12 and is completed online. You will have lots of time to practise your times tables at school, but it is very important you practise at home too! Here are some great websites you can use to practise. (The Twinkl Go page is very similar to style of the statutory government test.)
The Twinkl Go PIN code is: SB5416
Our current value is:
Please note that all PE sessions will be outdoors for now. Please ensure that you have the correct kit, which is weather appropriate. Especially as the weather gets colder, jumpers and jogging bottoms may be needed.
Day Indoor/Outdoor
Wednesday Outdoor
Thursday Outdoor
Homework Type Given Due Back
Maths Tuesday Monday
Spelling Thursday Tuesday
Brain Builder Friday (Not every week) Monday (Not every week)
Doodle Maths - 3 times a week
Star Reader Challenge 3 times a week Monday
Badger of the Week Nora!
Fab Writer Maja!
Top Doodler  
Values Role Model Emilie!