Welcome to the Lily Pad!
Hello and welcome to all things Frogs! 
On this page, you will find out more about the Year 5 curriculum and you will find resources that might be useful.  You will also get to see what our fabulous Frogs have been getting up to.
Our team consists of Mrs Woods, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Howes and Mrs Chidwick.
Contacting class teachers:
Mrs Chidwick (Monday and Tuesday)    Email:
Mrs Howes (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Email:
If emailing, please send to both teachers.
Useful Information
Homework / Equipment Needed
-Homework Diary / Reading Record 
-Comprehension book is due.
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-DoodleMaths will be checked today. 
Aim to Doodle 3+ times/remain in the green zone for Doodlemaths at home.
-Math homework is set
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Doodle math year 5 club at lunchtime in Ladybirds
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Spelling homework due in for today's test. New spellings set.
-Star reader checked today- must have read 3+ times
Other things to bring daily:
-A coat.
-A water bottle.
-A healthy snack, if required.
Being a good reader opens up the world to your child which takes practise. It gives them power, independence and pleasure that last a lifetime. Working as a team of 3 (child, parents and school) we look forward to giving Star Reader Awards to those children who read (anything) 3 times a week every week and have an adult signature in their Reading Record Book to confirm this. Let's do this!
Our current topic is 'Who Won The Space Race?' With an exciting visit to the National Space Centre and questions galore, we will be exploring this fascinating topic in all kinds of ways!
We will be learning our text: Adventures in Space. The text map is shown below and you can download the PDF version which is much easier to see too. 
What adventures will we have?!
In Frogs, we love French!  Use the presentation below to practise your vocabulary!
Bonne chance!
Class Awards
 Top Doodler 
Fab Writer
Wren of The Week 
Values Role Model
And so many smileys and class points because we have fabulous behaviour in Frogs.
Spelling dictation to be tested on Friday 24th September

The vicious dog growled as I walked past the gate.

It is important to be gracious in defeat.

My bedroom is the most spacious in our house.

Sophie was upset by the malicious comments made about her.

Precious jewels adorn The Queen’s crown.

Jamal was conscious of his mistake.

At the cake sale, I bought a delicious chocolate brownie.

We reported the suspicious vehicle to the police.

My brother has atrocious table manners.

The ferocious lion roared as it chased its prey.