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Hello and welcome to all things Frogs!  On this page, you will find out more about the Year 5 curriculum and you will find resources that might be useful.  You will also get to see what our fabulous Frogs have been getting up to.
Class Teacher: Miss C. Fitzgerald     Email:
Useful Information
Homework / Equipment Needed
-Homework Diary / Reading Record - these will be checked today. 
Read 3+ times at home to be a Star Reader.
-Spelling Homework is due.
-Brain Builder is due (not every week).
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Maths Homework is due.
-DoodleMaths will be checked today. 
Aim to Doodle 3+ times at home.
-PE Kit - Outdoor.
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-Homework Diary / Reading Record.
-PE Kit - Outdoor.
Other things to bring daily:
-A coat.
-A water bottle.
-A healthy snack, if required.
We are currently studying the fiction text 'Molly the Chimney Sweep'.  It is a 'Rags to Riches' tale.
Skills and knowledge:
- To know parts of speech/word class: noun/adjective/verb/adverb/pronoun/determiner/preposition/interjection/conjunction.
(See image below for further information.)
- To write and punctuate speech.
- To retrieve information from a text.
- To understand vocabulary.
- To write descriptively, building character.
- To write and punctuate a spoken exchange.
We are currently focusing on number and place value.
- To be able to read and write 5-digit numbers in numerals and in words.
- To be able to represent numbers as base ten, Roman numerals and part whole and bar diagrams.
- To be able to order 5-digit numbers.
- To be able to round numbers to the nearest 10/100/1000/10,000.
- To be able to add.
Please make regular use of DoodleMaths - it is proven to make a difference!
For practise with mental calculation and recalling number facts, including multiplications, try Topmarks 'Hit the Button' and 'Daily 10'.
Our Topic - The Victorians
Our current topic is 'The Victorians'.  We will be learning about:
- The life and reign of Queen Victoria.
- Aspects of life at the time, including homes, food, clothes, school and work.
- Significant changes during the period, including The Industrial Revolution.
- Luton's hat-making industry.
- To use primary and secondary historical sources.
- To make comparisons - what's the same, what is different and what was the catalyst for change?
Our Value - Being Healthy
What springs to mind when you hear the word 'healthiness'? 
What do you do to keep healthy?
-Food and nutrition.
-Your mind.
-Your relationships.
-Your sleep.
-Your emotional health.
See, there's more to being healthy than eating a bit of salad!
Mademoiselle Fitzgerald loves French!  See the PowerPoint below to get ahead of the game!
Frog of the Week Charlie
Fab Writer Sophie H
Mathmagician Raphael
Top Doodler Grace
Values Role Model for 'Responsibility' Cameron
Our Gallery
Enjoy pictures of our Victorian Wow Day!