Mrs Khatun
Message to parents: Please include your child's name in any emails you send. Keep an eye out for any emails or texts from me. Thank you for your continued support.
Message from Mrs Khatun
Hello my Hedgehogs! I miss you all lots!
Please see your daily tasks on the right. These will remain the same and should be completed each school day when you are at home. 
The rest of your tasks (writing, maths, spellings, etc) will be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams from now on and will no longer appear on our web page. You must submit all of your work via Microsoft Teams no as well. 
I'll send a text to your grownups to remind you of your tasks , but remember to do the daily tasks every day.
Keep sending me some lovely photos so I can see the wonderful work you are doing. I will continue to share these on our webpage when I can. 
Remember to have a bit of chill time. Spend time with your family and be kind to your siblings. Ask your grownups if they need any help around the house and always remember to clean/tidy up after yourselves. This may be a difficult time for a lot of people and we must all do what we can to help, even if means just smiling to make someone's day. Please stay safe and remember to wash your hands.
During school closure, your daily tasks will appear here, but your maths, writing and spellings tasks will now be on Microsoft Teams, so remember to go there for your work.
Scroll down for Microsoft Teams links; you will need to login to access the materials.
You have all been sent your Teams logins and should now be familiar with logging in. 
Everyday tasks (you should aim to do these every day)
  • Read every day. This can be a reading book, library book, magazine, newspaper, online story or article etc.
  • Doodle Maths (5-10 minutes every day)
  • Doodle times tables (5-10 minutes every day)
  • Doodle English (5-10 minutes every day day)
  • P.E. - follow this link to Joe Wicks fitness and do this workout 3 times a day. The video is also below. It's only 5 minutes long. Remember to drink plenty of water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbFqQarDM50 .There are lots of other videos on his YouTube channel that are suitable for all ages.
Joe Wicks 5 minute home workout
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Mrs Khatun's Maths group
Hello my lovely maths group!
Please follow this link to our maths Teams page where all of our maths lessons will take place. You will need to log in to access the material. You can also access this through the free Microsoft Teams app. 
From Mrs Khatun
Hedgehogs writing and creative task
Please follow this link to our class Teams page where you will find all of the resources for your weekly writing, comprehension and creative tasks.
From Mrs Khatun
Purple and Orange spelling group
Please follow this link to our spelling Teams page where I will post your weekly spellings in the assignments section. You will also be able to ask me any questions on Teams and also submit your work here. 
From Mrs Khatun