In our History lessons, we aim for pupils to gain an understanding of Britain’s past, as well as the wider world. Through engaging and exciting lessons, we aim to inspire children’s curiosity.

Year 1 
Year 1 have been thinking about how their lives are different to when their parents and grandparents were younger. They used a scrubbing board and mangle to wash some clothes. It was a lot harder than putting clothes into the washing machine!
Year 1 have also had the chance to play with some toys which have been played with through the ages. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 
Year 5
Year 5 have been learning about The Victorians and had a fully immersive experience of going into a Victorian school. They learned about the 3 Rs, Queen Victorian and the British Empire and even played traditional games like marbles. 
Year 5 have also created some beautiful pieces of work all about Queen Victoria and Luton's hat making history.
Year 4
Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt. They have been using a range of sources to find out about Ancient Egypt. These include books, the internet and artefacts.
For their Brain Builder homework, a few children in Year 4 made a shaduf! (In case you don't know, a shaduf was used to get water from the River Nile.)