Coronavirus Update: June 1st


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience.  We needed to be aware of all the information necessary to introduce children back to school in the safest and most effective manner.

Our aims for this next period of education are as follows:

  • For all children to receive the best education we can give in the fairest way possible, whether parent choice is to keep children at home, or whether children return to school or if you are continuing home schooling as your child is not included in the phased return.
  • To do the above to the best of our ability in the safest manner we can for children, staff and parents
  • To support parents as much as we can to enable the above to happen


We believe we can offer excellent resources, online videos made by the children’s teachers, streaming of virtual interactive lessons, and feedback on work done by the children.  Year 6 have made an excellent start towards achieving this.  We have the technology now set up to ensure all year groups can benefit.

We believe 30 children would need to be split into 3 groups which we will be calling ‘Bubbles’. 

To allocate a teacher to only one of the Bubbles would not seem fair. The requirements are such that the teacher would not be allowed to enter any of the other Bubbles, not even on a rota system.

We feel the teachers need to remain responsible for the ‘teaching’ that is needed and produce a range of online resources and teaching sessions for ALL the children in their classes.

It is our decision, that our very capable teaching assistants will oversee the learning activities produced by the teachers.  For children in school they will get the opportunity for the work they do to be sent to their teachers and marked – just like Year 6 have been doing.  We will aim for groups to be no larger than 10.  So whether you decide to send your child in, if in Early Years, Year 1 or Year 6, or whether you decide to keep your child at home, or whether you just need a bit more time to think, the learning available will be the same. It is important that you can make your own decisions without feeling your child’s learning will suffer.

In order to minimise risk we will be doing a gradual return to school for the Year Groups mentioned.

For those of you who selected ‘unsure’, we have NOT included your children in our numbers.  As soon as is possible we will look at extending the size of the Bubbles, or setting up additional Bubbles once you have had a chance to see how things are going, based on risk assessments.

At this present time we are sorry but we are unable to offer either Breakfast Club or Afterschool Club.


The organisation below may change as this is dependent on staffing which may change suddenly.  We will keep you informed via the texting service 


From June 1st 


Early Years 


We will initially have 2 groups, made up with children of those of you who made the decision to send your child back to school. We will NOT be able to have any children included who did not make this decision.  Although the government believe we can take up to 15, we believe we need to start small and train the children up.  Our current group of 7 Early Years Key Workers’ children have been amazing!


There will be 2 Bubble Families to start with.


  • Bubble 1 will remain in the Early Years Unit.  We will have 3 Teaching Assistants, (TAs) supporting and monitoring the children
  • Bubble 2 will remain in the Double Hut.  We will have 3 TAs supporting and monitoring the children
  • When we are in a position to extend numbers, a 3rd Bubble will be set up in the Music single hut, which we will do so as soon as we can, based on any future changes in your decisions
  • The entrance for you to use will be the usual main gate.  Please then follow the path, at a safe distance, holding your child’s hand throughout. 
  • Arrival time will be from 8.45am to 8.55am.  The day will end from 3.15pm to 3.30pm.

We ask that you are mindful of the need to socially distance throughout your time once on the school site.


Early Years will of course have lots of outdoor space to spread out, but following the advice, the children will remain with their ‘Bubble Family’ all the time.  Some may be outside, whilst others may be watching online learning activities provided by their teachers.  The TAs will remain with your children throughout the day, and on following days to reduce cross contamination.


There will be NO hot lunch provided.  This is to reduce risks involved with cross contamination.  So far we have had a maximum of 24 children seated in the hall but to increase the number of younger children would increase risk. 


Children will be provided with a Grab Bag. These look good and our Key Worker children over Easter who had them seemed to enjoy them!  The exact menus will be on the website in a couple of days.


Miss Bassett, our Early Years’ Manager will be overseeing the 2, and then possibly, 3 Bubbles.  She will not be allowed to enter the Bubbles so can have no contact with the children.  But she will be seen at a safe distance from them!  She will also be able to answer any queries you might have.  Please email these to her in the way you have been doing.  Both Mrs Zajak and Mrs Brook will also be able to continue to respond to your emails.

You will be told which Bubble your child will be in and where they will be based.  You will know the staff who will remain with them.


Key Worker Children

Please note, from June 1st entry and exit from the school grounds will be via the playground gate, farthest from the staff car park, the other side of the playground.

  • Year 6 children who are our Key Workers’ children will become part of a Yr 6 Bubble and will be based in Kestrels and will enter via the outside classroom door
  • Years 1 and 2 will be based in Badgers.  Staff will be available to guide you on the first day
  • Year 3 will be in Hedgehogs
  • Years 4 and 5 in Frogs
  • Arrival from 8.45am to 8.55am, pick up from 3.10pm

For our children with EHCPs, if they are able to be in school and you have decided to send in your child, individual risk assessments will be carried out and once agreed with you, a start date will be confirmed.


From June 8th

Year 6

Those parents who have chosen in our survey to send in children from this date will be able to start sending in their children.  Your children will join the Year 6 Key Worker children.

  • Arrival time to be between 8.50am and 9am, collection can take place from 3.20pm
  • We will start by having 2 Bubbles
  • One Bubble will be based in Ladybirds and enter via Doves
  • The other Bubble will be in Kestrels and enter through Kestrels’ Classroom
  •  Entry to the school grounds needs to be through the playground gate, known as Sainsburys’ gate; this is not a large area so please take care and stagger your timing to suit.


From June 22nd

Year 1

By this date we will all be in a better position to make decisions with regards to the organisation required for Year 1 to join us.  Many of you may have changed your minds as to whether you would like to send in your child, or keep your child at home.  Nearer to this date a text will be sent to you so you can make a more informed decision or prefer to keep the one you originally made.


All the above may change if Luton as an authority, or the Governing Body, deems schools should not open on June 1st.  We will keep you informed.

  • All children in school will be provided with a pen/pencil and it will remain theirs.  We request that you send your child in with a named water bottle that can go home each night with them.
  • Please do NOT use the staff car park for dropping off, with the exception of permit holders.


Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  Things will undoubtedly change.  We ask that you take a common sense approach, combined with the knowledge that social distancing and hand washing are key to stopping the spread of this virus. 

Many thanks for your words of appreciation sent to teaching assistants and teachers throughout this challenging time.  If you have any further questions please email me and I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.


Sharon Flowers






  • If you have a child in Years 1 to 5 please remember to send back their report comment form
  • If you have a child in Early Years, Year 1 or Year 6, please respond ASAP to the online form regarding return from June 1st


VE day party time for the few left in school!
 The 'toast' by the children at 3pm.  At their party tables!
Our amazing children painting rainbows on the playground!
 Photos of our Key Worker children celebrating VE Day.
Who can make the tallest tower out of newspaper and Henna Painting!
The children played lots of games during their VE Day celebrations!

 Many thanks to Mr Essam, Mr Wyatt and Mr Essam's future son-in-law for saving the school £1800 by taking down the condemned apparatus.  


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