• Miss Amanda Gillingham

    Please feel free to email me on the above address if you are unable to see me before or after school.

    Teaching assistants:
    Mrs Alexander
    Mrs Hafeez
    Miss O'Connell

Class information

Indoor PE – Monday
Outdoor PE - Friday

Reading books will be changed once they have been finished (or when asked, we don't believe in reading books we do not enjoy!). Let myself or Mrs Alexander know during morning registration or after lunch (or any other appropriate time) if you need to change your book.


Spelling homework will go out on a Wednesday and is due in on a Tuesday.

Maths homework will go out on a Tuesday and is due in on a Monday.
Maths homework will be a mixture of written work and DoodleMaths. This will change every other week. (If you are unable to Doodle at home, there are opportunities to Doodle in school - see below.)

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Make sure you Doodle at least 3 times a week! (Target of 50 points a week)
We have the iPads available during morning registration in Magpies on a Tuesday.
Year 5's DoodleMaths lunchtime club is on a Wednesday in Ladybirds.
If you are unable to Doodle at home for any reason, then you can go to DoodleMaths club in Ladybirds!

 Spelling and Writing Resources

Welcome to Year 5!

Magpies have made a great start to the year, it has been wonderful seeing how much they have grown in confidence (and height!) over the summer, ready to start upper Key Stage 2!

This year, we have brilliant topics in store for us – ‘The Victorians’, ‘Invaders and Settlers’ and ‘Is it fair?’ to name a few! To kick off the Autumn term, our first topic was be ‘Out of this World.’ The 20th July 2019 marked the 50-year anniversary of the first steps on the moon - making space a hot topic!

Since returning from a relaxing half-term, we have been learning about the Victorians! We had a themed morning, where the pupils and teachers went back in time and pretended to be Victorians! Here are some pictures of what the children wore! 


Our Weekly Awards!

Magpie of the Week – Eleanor

Top Table – Kyla

Fab Writer - Kaiden

Mathemagician – Leonor

Top Doodler – Alexie

The National Space Centre

On the 26th September, the pupils went on their first trip in Year 5 to the National Space Centre in Leicester. We explored the rocket tower, took part in a Life in Space workshop and went to the UK’s largest domed planetarium! The pupils showed great enthusiasm and a love for learning, a true credit to Bramingham! Here are some pictures of what we got up to whilst we were there!