Mrs Kelly's Maths groups

Hi everyone, 
We now only have 2 weeks left of term, so to make the most of our time together, please remember these points:
  • Please try to arrive promptly for your lessons

  • Work should be submitted for marking on the day that it is set. This is so I can give you feedback that you can use in your next piece of work, and so I can address any common misconceptions in our next lesson together.

  • Cameras must be switched off when I say that we are going to start recording. This reduces distractions for those children who are having to watch recorded lessons.

  • Videos will be removed at the end of each week so please make sure that you keep up to date if you do miss a live lesson. 
These children Doodled every day last week so they will each receive 1 virtual smiley:
Alexis                                             Aaliyah                                 
Ethan N
Ethan L                                                                                    
Please do let me know if you think your name should be on this list but isn't - devices synch at different times so sometimes results may not have been uploaded yet. 
For Doodle Maths this week, Y4 are 10th on the leaderboard and Y5 are 15th again.   
Year 4 came 2nd again this week for Times Tables! You beat Mrs Robertson-Browne's group - well done!  Year 5 you are  up to 8th.
How did you all get on with your personal targets this week?  I only earned 78 DoodleMaths stars again this week  and 105 for Doodle Tables.  I'll have to try harder at DoodleMaths next week but I'm pleased with my Doodle Tables score!
This half term's smileys so far...
Congratulations to last half term's top smiley achievers!
Year 4
1st place - John (30 smileys)                             
Joint 2nd place - Ethan L (29 smileys)              
                           Lily (29 smileys)                     
                           Madison (29 smileys)
Year 5
1st place - Magnus (30 smileys)
2nd place - Aaliyah (29 smileys)
3rd place - Ayman (27 smileys)
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