Introducing Taylor
We have a new class member and friend! I would like to introduce and welcome Taylor. We are so lucky to have Taylor joining us and I know you will all be so excited to meet him. Taylor is going to join us for our Teams maths and English lessons this week so we will look out for him. If there is anything you think would be useful to tell him then that will be the time. I was lucky enough to meet Taylor and have a chat with him on Teams on Friday and tell him all about his great class mates. Taylor loves fishing and football. 
Welcome to owls Taylor!
Hello Owls
Monday 6th July
I hope you are well and had a brilliant weekend.
It's been another great week of teaching on TEAMS. I have loved seeing your faces, but don't forget I can't always see you all.
You can find all the videos you need in the files section of the subject team that you need.
You will notice there is a new Brain Builder to complete before the end of term! I thought it might be a fun thing to do.
Remember to doodle every day and read, read, read!  Don't forget to tell me about what you have been reading and send any pictures of you reading, maybe in some unusual places.
Looking forward to seeing lots of you this week.
Mrs Baker
Resources 6.7.20
Monday 6th July
Tuesday 7th July
Wednesday 8th July
Thursday 9th July
Friday 10th July      Recorded lesson
It would be great if you can have this resource sheet in front of you to write on in the lesson. If not you need a pencil and paper or your maths book.
There are three grids this week. If you got 65/65 last week you can use grid B. If you didn't get a full score last week please use grid A again and see if you can beat your score. If you got a full score on grid B you can move onto grid C.
Good luck.
Brain Builder
Enjoy! Please send pictures of what you have done by Wednesday 15th July
Learning Objective: To explain how a plant transports water.
Follow the link below to watch an online lesson all about how plants transport water. You will need a piece of paper or your yellow exercise book to complete the tasks that are given during the lesson. 
Great creative examples
If you get a chance to visit Rushmere County Park these are the activity sheets we would have done on our trip.
Don't forget to keep reading. 
Don't forget to do your spellings and to get a grown up to test you.
Some good examples of Maths homework
This weeks spellings 6.7.20
Top Doodlers 6.7.20
Some great story maps and videos that you have worked on so far in English.
Rob now updates his channel every Tuesday and Thursday with new videos of different characters. I did a whale with a rainbow for my window.
Something fun to do
The Year 3 teachers (and Mrs Brook and Mrs Baker's daughters Grace and Emma) have had so much fun drawing with Rob! Follow the link  below to his web page where he has uploaded tutorials on how to draw the characters from his books. Our favourites are Kevin and Gregosaurus. Make sure to email us your illustrations so we can add to the gallery!
Click on the link below for The London Grid for Learning website. Log in using the details on the front of your yellow book to gain access to a wide range of resources!