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Here are some photos from our recent trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Rabbits' Timetable
HW diary (for Star Reader)
Indoor PE (shorts must be worn to use the wall bars and apparatus)
Maths HW due
Spelling HW due
Library book
Thursday Maths HW set
Swimming/Outdoor PE on alternate weeks - trainers, top, tracksuit top and bottoms needed.  We do PE in most weathers!
Spelling HW set
What a great way to start our new topic with our very own cave!  We can't wait to learn about the Stone Age and our text: Stone Age Boy.
The Stone Age
We are taking our topic very seriously at the moment in Rabbits!  In art, we're learning about cave paintings.  We discussed what was recorded and the detail used.  We noticed that animals were painted in detail whereas humans were not.  We speculated that this could be due to religious beliefs or superstition.  When doing our own cave paintings, we turned our tables into caves so that we experienced what is was like to build on the surface of a cave.
For our next attempt at cave painting, we used charcoal and attached our paper to the underside of the table.  It was like we were painting on the ceiling!
Stone Age Diet
What better way to investigate the Stone Age diet than to dissect some poo!  Luckily, most of Rabbits weren't afraid of getting a bit messy and tearing apart the poo.  We discovered different foods eaten by people from the Stone Age, including dandelions, berries, fish and meat from animals.  In the early Stone Age, they were hunter-gatherers - they hunted for some foods and gathered others!
RE in Rabbits!
This half term, we will be learning about festivals and family life in Judaism.  We are building on our work in Year 2 to help us.  We worked together to make Challah bread, which is part of the traditional food eaten after Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year).  It was scrumptious and tasted very nice with our apple dipped in honey!
Spelling Resources:
You need to be able to read, spell and understand the words in the list you are working on.
In maths, we've been learning how to do column subtraction.  We have used counters to support our understanding of the exchange process.  Some of us are solving calculations where more than one exchange is needed or where there is a zero!
Time Detectives!
This half term, we will be 'Time Detectives' and discover all about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  We will be writing 'facing fear' stories in English, with a focus on settings, and learning about the first humans on this earth through our art, history and science work.
In Rabbits, we worked very hard to learn our text: 'The Three Little Pigs' as part of our Autumn One work on Houses and Homes.  Watch us in action!
Take a look at the wonderful shared-writing we've been doing in Rabbits!  Our own story openings are now up in class on our lovely display.  Why not come and take a look?  Can you tell which is a setting opening and which is a time opening?
Houses and Homes
Our first topic in Year 3 was Houses and Homes!  We looked at different types of houses, including those in our local area!  We thought about what makes a home special and how houses have changed over time.