Tuesday 7th July
Hi Rabbits! Welcome to another week of online teaching on Teams. Today, your English lesson will be pre-recorded so look out for it under the Files tab. Keep up your sensible behaviour and listening skills - you are doing so well. 
After each session, you can come back here to our class page to find the resources for the task/activities for you to complete in your own time. 
There is also a new Brain Builder for you to complete - a lovely idea of creating a time capsule that you can be very creative with (even the teachers want to have a go!)
Miss Suleman and Mrs Parkar
P.S: As we have become more involved in producing learning materials, there has been less time to upload children's work onto the website. We are prioritising providing you with quality materials and individual feedback, while very much needing and appreciating the work you send us. We continue to be delighted and reassured when we receive children's work. We will still try to upload as often as we can but we need you to know it might be a little less often than before. Thank you for your tremendous efforts to support your children and getting this work to us to allow us to track engagement and support learning even from a distance. You have been amazing.
Resources for Monday 6th July:
Resources for Tuesday 7th July:
Resources for Wednesday 8th July:
Resources for Thursday 9th July:
Resources for Friday 10th July: Recorded lesson
It would be great if you can have this resource sheet in front of you to write on in the lesson. If not you need a pencil and paper or your maths book.
There are three grids this week. If you got 65/65 last week you can use grid B. If you didn't get a full score last week please use grid A again and see if you can beat your score. If you got a full score with grid B then you can move onto grid C.
Good luck.
Learning Objective: To explain how a plant transports water.
Follow the link below to watch an online lesson all about how plants transport water. You will need a piece of paper or your yellow exercise book to complete the tasks that are given during the lesson. 
 Brain Builder
We can't wait to see your time capsules! Please send us pictures of what you have done by Wednesday 15th July.
Rushmere County Park
If you get a chance to visit Rushmere County Park these are the activity sheets we would have completed on our trip.
Please look at our amazing Brain Builders about the Caribbean!
Below are the spellings for week beginning 6th July.
It's so important for all of us to stay positive in this difficult time. Do you have a growth mindset?
What have all you little Rabbits been up to?
Smiles and rainbows for the NHS...
Click on the link below for The London Grid for Learning website. Log in using the details on the front of your yellow book to gain access to a wide range of resources!
The following children doodled every day from 29th June to 3rd July - well done.
Thank you to those of you who have sent us pictures of your hard work.